Dance from a different perspective

The method to shift the way you look at dance

What is the G.E.M. method?

The G.E.M. Method is a holistic approach. It is based on the mutual and reciprocal relation between three variables. The performance of Form, Expression, and Dynamic combined will cause a specific Personality.
Personality = Form + Expression +Dynamic; P = F + E + D. (F.E.D.) The innovative G.E.M. method works mainly from proprioception (Body Awareness). You discover your body and the ten corresponding body parts. We distinguish between physical and mental coaching.

Why The G.E.M. Method?

  • Awareness and recognition of patterns and habits in your dance and daily life.
  • The built-up patterns, learn to break and manipulate.
  • Learning to make choices and get to the core of your “being“.
  • Learning to work autonomously to make a change.
  • It gives you the ability to think outside the box.
  • Use your personality to create choreography or dance.
  • How to recognise the intermediate movement from ‘FORM A to FORM B’
  • As long as dancers, teachers and choreographers use the same G.E.M. terminology,
    discussions can be avoided and the mutually set goal is achieved faster.
  • Goal: To put your body and your body experience back at the centre of your life. This brings yourself into a holistically fulfilled experience.
  • Putting down a unique performance for the future.

For whom is The G.E.M. Method?

The G.E.M. Method is aimed at the person who wants to innovate in their dance.
The tremendous drive gives more insight and personal development. The use of the F.E.D. elements differ per person. This makes the G.E.M. Method in dance unique and useful for schools of dance, choreographers, and dancers.

Where to attend G.E.M. workshops and lectures

2023: 1/7 December in Berlin, 8/16 December in Shenzhen-China, 16/20 December Hong Kong.
2024: Neuss, Utah, Paris, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Dublin, Vienna, Dallas, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Ulaanbaatar, Berlin

Ton Greten


Proprioception - Body awareness

The word proprioception comes from the Latin words: proprius and perception (self or self-perception).

Proprioception is an unknown sixth sense and needs the other five senses. This sixth sense is the queen of the senses. It is very important for overall motor skills (motor perception) and its execution. Proprioception is the self-perception to perceive the position of own body and body parts in Space-Time.

You develop through self-observation, conscious coordination of your body parts, during your daily activities. You have your body with you every day and sometimes you forget this.

Consciously train your daily activities such as: dressing, walking, running, showering, eating, feeling texture, writing, etc. This will support you in your activities of dance and sports. And bring these to a higher quality level. You can therefore train more effectively and develop faster in your coordination points (body parts)

Through self-observation of your strength, stretch, reflex, balance, and isolation training, you shorten the training time on all your activities. Because your senses, body, mind and environment are connected. The body is a soundboard of who we are.

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