The G.E.M. Method

The G.E.M. Method is about:

  • To analyse and recognise the movements in all dance forms.
  • To manipulate the repeated patterns in your dance.
  • To use your personality to create a choreography in dance.
  • To coordinate your technique in dance from ‘Form A to Form B’
  • To reduce the complexity of all possible movements, even within the GEM method, and to make it comprehensible for everyone, the keywords Form, Expression and Dynamics will be used consistently and in a playful way.

The use of the F.E.D.-elements differ per person. This makes the G.E.M.-method in dance so unique and usable for a choreographer, teacher and dancer.

THE “G.E.M.”

The G.E.M. is a holistic approach, one element works together with other elements. The GEM stands for Greten Equation Movement. It is based on the relationship of 3 variables that, when put together, give an overall impression of the performance. Personality is a combination of Form, Expression and Dynamics.
P = F + E + D

1. Form
2. Expression
3. Dynamic
4. Personality
o Instinct
o Awareness
o Choice
o Decision