Dance from a different perspective

The method to shift the way you look at dance

What is the G.E.M. method

The G.E.M. Method is a holistic approach. It is based on the mutual and reciprocal relation between three variables. The performance of Form, Expression, and Dynamic combined will cause a specific Personality.
Personality = Form + Expression +Dynamic; P = F + E + D. (F.E.D.) The innovative G.E.M. method works mainly from proprioception (Body Awareness). You discover your body and the ten corresponding body parts. We distinguish between physical and mental coaching.

The G.E.M. Method

  • Increases your daily awareness of your body and mind
  • Gives you insight into your daily perception
  • Works from 4 focus points; seeing, hearing, feeling and thinking
  • Increases your movement skills and coordination ability
  • Increases your vocabulary and options
  • Teaches you to make a choice, allowing you to get to the point
  • Is based on recognising patterns and breaking them if necessary
  • Teaches you to discover new words. You can apply these words in your movement
  • Has objective and neutral information
  • Teaches you to observe with an open mind
  • Has a holistic approach as an art form
  • Works from the formless
  • Encourages dancers to transform their feelings into emotions
  • Allows dancers to explore different movement qualities
  • Teaches you to work independently to bring about change
  • Has no judgement
  • Promotes physical health and your well-being
  • Is for all target groups, is there for you!
  • Is a method that specialises in asking questions
  • Uses the funnel technique: starts with broad, general questions and gradually refines them
  • Uses question words: such as who, what, where, when, why and how

The G.E.M. Method

Has a holistic approach allows dancers to express their creativity, discover new forms of movement and connect more deeply with themselves and others in the dance process. It emphasises individual artistic expression and the freedom to explore without strict rules. The final form emerges organically during the process. The GEM gives handles or tools so that you can make a choice from your BEING! It encompasses the whole person and has the potential to have a wide range of positive effects on the well-being and development of the individual. This makes the G.E.M. Method in dance unique and useful for schools of dance, choreographers, and dancers.

Where to attend G.E.M. workshops and lectures

2024: Neuss, Utah, Paris, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Dublin, Vienna, Dallas, Dubai,Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Ulaanbaatar, Berlin

Ton Greten


Proprioception - Body awareness

The word proprioception comes from the Latin words: proprius and perception (self or self-perception).

Proprioception is an unknown sixth sense and needs the other five senses. This sixth sense is the queen of the senses. It is very important for overall motor skills (motor perception) and its execution. Proprioception is the self-perception to perceive the position of own body and body parts in Space-Time.

You develop through self-observation, conscious coordination of your body parts, during your daily activities. You have your body with you every day and sometimes you forget this.

Consciously train your daily activities such as: dressing, walking, running, showering, eating, feeling texture, writing, etc. This will support you in your activities of dance and sports. And bring these to a higher quality level. You can therefore train more effectively and develop faster in your coordination points (body parts)

Through self-observation of your strength, stretch, reflex, balance, and isolation training, you shorten the training time on all your activities. Because your senses, body, mind and environment are connected. The body is a soundboard of who we are.

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