Music "Rhythm to Result"

Practice-tracks: for your technical skills and for your proprioception

Proprioception music “Rhythm to Result” 

There are 3 different types of music with a nice rhythm. Total 30 minutes with voice-over, in 3 different levels of exercises in singular movements from Form A to Form B.
This helps you stay in tune with the music and maintain your proprioceptive awareness. As you become more proficient, try increasing the speed or complexity of your movements. 
See my book “The G.E.M. Dance from a different perspective”.

I would like to wish you a lot of discovery pleasure. Ton Greten.

Welcome to “Rhythm to Result” training CD’s

With Rhythm to Result we offer a wide variety of practice-tracks to help you with your dance classes. To help you concentrate on one dance for each training we decided to make a series of seven albums each with one dance in a whole variety of tempo and complexities. There will be three ballroom and four latin-CD’s 

All tracks will be provided with beats per minute and bars per  minute. Every music starts with 3 tracks with a normal click track also known as metronome. These clicks are played with three different instruments. For example: the samba tracks will contain mostly percussion sounds. After the clicks we provide three tracks with simple counts so you can practice, while you concentrate on dancing in stead of counting. Just for your convenience

  • Track 8 till 12 are tracks with vocal percussion. A little bit of human feelings in the emotion of the dance.
  • Track 13 till 17 are typical patterns from the style but played in subtle ways in small instrument sections
  • Track 18 till 26 are full grooves, all played 1’30”.
  • As a bonus we provided 5 songs with grooves, taken from the practice tracks

All of this makes this Rhythm to Result music a must for every dancer! It is the ideal tracks to practise your isolations techniques. I would like to wish you a lot of discovery pleasure. Ton Greten.

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