Development (to be) - Consciousness - Fifth Dimension

Personality: The choice that you make to become the person you are

Because of your choice, you make the difference in what dance should be. With that choice and your character, you will find that you have a lot of influence on the dance! You can manipulate all the F.E.D. elements and truly bend them to your will. The more components you understand and transform the more it becomes your own composition.

Personality is the unique pattern of thoughts, feeling and behaviour, that characterises the way an individual reacts in all kind of situations. Through dance, you can explore, experience, and discover various aspects of yourself and your unique individuality. Dance provides a creative outlet for self-expression. It allows you to channel your feelings, thoughts, and emotions in a unique and personal way. Through Movement exploration, you can communicate your personality traits, such as Form, Expression and Dynamic. Dance requires a deep connection between body and mind.


The GEM Method is a holistic approach, created and developed by Ton Greten. GEM stands for “Greten Equation Movement”. It is based on the mutual and reciprocal relation between three variables. The performance of Form, Expression and Dynamic combined will result in a certain Personality.

Personality = Form + Expression + Dynamic; P = F+E+D (F.E.D.)

Personality – Development

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