Skin, - Outer appearance - Art (experience)

Making your emotions visible

Every dancer has a feeling, which is not always visible on the dance floor. With expression you become aware, which four elements there are to make your feelings visible on the outside. You are working with an art form in which it is important to express your feelings. The similarity and coherence between the four elements are also discussed.

Expression is your outer appearance to express your dance.
It is a medium where your body can express itself. It allows individuals to convey feelings into emotions. Expression happens through the six basic emotions, body language, gestures, and use of dynamic. Explore the different elements and experience them in various ways.


The GEM Method is a holistic approach, created and developed by Ton Greten. GEM stands for “Greten Equation Movement”. It is based on the mutual and reciprocal relation between three variables. The performance of Form, Expression and Dynamic combined will result in a certain Personality.

Personality = Form + Expression + Dynamic; P = F+E+D (F.E.D.)

       Expression – Outer appearance  

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