G.E.M. Method Choreomaker


is a FAST, EASY and EXTREMELY POWERFUL app for tablet and phones, which allows every choreographer, trainer and dancer to visualize, integrate and rehearse their work. ChoreoMaker has been specifically designed to support and match your transitions to specific moments in the music for a seamless performance. Choreographers, dancers and trainers can visualize what the routine will look like before they present it to their performers. It supports creating choreographies for solo, couples. groups and formations up to 100 dancers. 

It is THE APP to create your choreographs!

G.E.M. The "G.E.M."

The G.E.M. is a holistic approach, one element works together with other elements. The GEM stands for Greten Equation Movement. It is based on the relationship of 3 variables that, when put together, give an overall impression of the performance. Personality is a combination of Form, Expression and Dynamics.

  1. Form 
  2. Expression
  3. Dynamic
  4. Personality
  • Instinct 
  • Awareness
  • Choice
  • Decision