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From Stereotypes To Wholeness - Masculine and Feminine Dynamics in Dance

#26 Episode 22-03-2024 Masculine and Feminine


#25 Episode 15-03-2024 - The Invisible Guide to Body Coordination

Transform your dance journey from follower to creator.

#24 Episode 08-03-2024 Transform your dance journey

The Art of Practice and Preparation in Dance Privé

#23 Episode 01-03-2024 - The Art of Practice

Behind the Glitter: Dancing on the Screen

#22 Episode 01-03-2024 Behind the Glitter

Musicality with Michael de Miranda

21st Episode 16-02-2024 - Roots and Wings

The Adjucator Is Always Right

20st Episode 09-02-2024 The Perfect Judgement

Understanding Personality in the world of dance

19st Episode 02-02-2024 Personality in movement

Oliver Rehder; Dancer, Dance Educator, Researcher, Author

18st Episode 26-01-2024 The principles of standard dancing

Formation and Team Dancing: Beyond Harmony in Motion

17st Episode 19-01-2024 Formations and Teams

Does Form Follow Function or Does Function Follow Form

16st Episode 12-01-2024 Form- Function

The Real Story of Body and Mind

15st Episode 05-01-2024 Misunderstood Oneness

An Unfiltered Conversation About Body and Shaming

14st Episode 29-12-2023 Body Shaming

Art & Sport, The Story of Two Passions

13st Episode 22-12-2023 Art & Sport

The Power of Partnering The Magic of More Than One

12st Episode 15-12-2023 Partnering

What Is Should Be In Your Dance Bag

11st Episode 08-12-2023 Your Dance Bag

Dance With Passion Or Not At All With Massimo Giorgianni

10st Episode 01-12-2023 Massimo Giorgianni

Dance from a different perspective

9st episode: 26-11-2023 The Gem

What Stops You To Start Dancing?

8st Episode 17-11-2023 Start Dancing

Dancing to the Rhythm of Success with Holger Nitsche

7st Episode 10-11-2023 Holger Nitsche

Dance, The Intertwining of Movement and Expression

6st Episode 03-11-2023 Expression

The Verdict: The Interplay Between Dance and Judgement

5st Episode 27-10-2023 The Verdict

How Language Shapes Our Understanding and Experience

4st Episode 20-10-2023 The Dance of Words

In Conversation with Alessandro Painsi A Painters Vision On Dance

3rd episode: 14-10-2023 Alessandro Painsi (art)

Ton Greten is interviewed by his co-host Jean Dorff.

2nd episode: 06-10-2023 Who are the Dance-GEMS

Jean Dorff is interviewed by his co-host Ton Greten

1st episode: 06-10-2023 Who are the Dance-GEMS

Ton Greten

Dance Explorer | Dance Movement scientist | Author | Choreographer | Teacher | Teacher/ Educator | Coach | Music designer | Co-Host Podcast DanceGems

I’m Ton Greten, a dance explorer, dance movement scientist, dance educator, choreographer, author, music creator and an optimist dedicated to helping teachers, trainers coaches, choreographers and dancers to develop.

We started this podcast: to give different insights to those working in this dance profession. Every week, we interview successful dancers and choreographers about their careers, creative process, in the dance world. If you’re looking for inspiration and practical advice in the profession, this is the podcast for you!

Why Listening to our podcast?
We talk about all aspects of dance! We discuss different styles and techniques and interview all kinds of dancers, and we listen to what they have to say, their perspective, their vision, their knowledge. This is for all of you who want to grow as a dancer. Keep learning and expanding your horizons – there’s so much to explore in dance!

Why do we have this podcast?
Dance is one of those things that can’t be put in a box. You can’t bottle or capture it even if you have dedicated yourself to one style. It’s about the freedom to choose your moves and express yourself through movement. It’s about being dedicated to the craft and continuously learning new techniques. It’s about having fun and feeling the joy of movement. It’s about letting go and being in the moment. Dance is all about choices, freedom, and self-expression. Dance is an ancient and ever-evolving art form. The earliest recorded dances date back thousands of years, and there is evidence that dance has been a part of human culture since the dawn of civilization.Since then, dance has continued to evolve and change, being developed in tribes, on the street, studios, conservatories, and on stages worldwide. It is a truly global art form that knows no bounds. To truly study dance is to dedicate oneself to a lifetime of learning. There is so much to know about dance history, theory, and technique that it can be overwhelming for even the most dedicated student. But this wealth of knowledge makes dance such a rich and rewarding art form to study. In our podcast, we will explore all aspects of dance and cross many styles and disciplines. We like to give established and less-known dancers and choreographers a platform to share their knowledge and vision. We hope you will join us on this journey as we explore the wonderful world of dance!

About our podcast
As professionals in the dance industry for over 60 years combined, we’ve found that one of the best ways to learn more about what’s happening in the dance world is to interview those who have been working for years. Each week, we’ll interview a different dancer, choreographer, or educator and ask him or her to shine a light on a specific topic. Whether discussing the latest trends in choreography or delving into the history of dance education, I’m sure you’ll find these interviews informative and insightful. So, tune in each week to learn something new about the beautiful dance world! Our podcast is there to enrich you as a dancer and person, to help you grow, and to help you create your vision of dance. We want to help you become the best dancer you can be, and we also want to help you develop your unique style.

Jean Dorff - Dance Coach

Dancer | Dance Coach | Dance Researcher | Author | Choreographer | Dance Teacher/ Educator | Mental Coach | Co-Host Podcast DanceGems

I’m Jean Dorff, and I help dancers become their best. I’m a mental coach, dance educator, choreographer, writer, and unshakable optimist, and I’ve dedicated my career to helping dancers reach their full potential.

We started this podcast to share our knowledge and experience with as many dancers as possible. We aim to help dancers overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and find joy in dance.I believe that every dancer can be great. Anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude. I’m here to help you tap into your potential and reach your dancing dreams.

The Dance-GEMs is a series of interviews designed to inspire, share, and connect dancers and dance enthusiasts worldwide. The series provides a unique opportunity to hear from some of the most influential people in the dance industry and learn their stories, tips, and advice.

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