Muscle - Tonus - Time - Fourth Dimension

Everything that moves

Dynamic in dance is a constant changing in the activity. Dynamic is four-dimensional and is related to music and time.
Form and Expression are created through Dynamics.
It allows dancers to fully explore their bodies, experience, and discover new ways of moving. By varying Dynamics, dancers can create various qualities within their dance. Together, it create an unique and powerful form of artistic Expression.

With what dynamics do I move from FORM to FORM? In dance, dynamics is the topic most often discussed. The dynamic quality is the subject that will receive the most attention in this book. The other three basic elements in dynamics will also be discussed in detail. The use of dynamics makes a composition look flat or varied.


The GEM Method is a holistic approach, created and developed by Ton Greten. GEM stands for “Greten Equation Movement”. It is based on the mutual and reciprocal relation between three variables. The performance of Form, Expression and Dynamic combined will result in a certain Personality.

Personality = Form + Expression + Dynamic; P = F+E+D (F.E.D.)

    Dynamic – Muscles – Time

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