G.E.M. Method Ton Greten

Ton Greten is a movement designer (choreographer) for all kinds of dances.

He has more than 35 years of experience in dancing and has developed THE G.E.M. METHOD. This method gives you the tools to analyse movements and develop your own style and personality inside your performance.

He worked for many years at the Beijing dance academy, 3 years in Ukrain for So You Think You Can Dance and he is the main choreographer for Formation DueTeam Perm Russian federation. In the ballroom world he has produced many world champions in the amateur and professional section from different dance organisations. Furthermore he has made 7 CDs under the name Rhythm to result. 

How do you recognise the truth of every movement and which patterns you can break to re-design a dance?!

G.E.M. The "G.E.M."

The G.E.M. is a holistic approach, one element works together with other elements. The GEM stands for Greten Equation Movement. It is based on the relationship of 3 variables that, when put together, give an overall impression of the performance. Personality is a combination of Form, Expression and Dynamics.

  1. Form 
  2. Expression
  3. Dynamic
  4. Personality
  • Instinct 
  • Awareness
  • Choice
  • Decision