Personality is the choice you make to become a dancer you want to be. Instinct and awareness pay a hugh role in the choice of your composition. With your choice, you make the difference in what your performance could be. Based on having a choice and by using your potentials and abilitys, you will notice that you have tremendeous influence in dance! With your Personality, you can manipulate the FORM-EXPRESSIONDYNAMIC (F.E.D.) and adjust them to your will. By using all F.E.D. components, the composition of your dance will be as special as unique…and that’s the reason for an audience to buy the ticket!

THE “G.E.M.”

The G.E.M. is a holistic approach, one element works together with other elements. The GEM stands for Greten Equation Movement. It is based on the relationship of 3 variables that, when put together, give an overall impression of the performance. Personality is a combination of Form, Expression and Dynamics.
P = F + E + D

1. Form
2. Expression
3. Dynamic
4. Personality
o Instinct
o Awareness
o Choice
o Decision