The G.E.M. Method


G.E.M. About the book

The ‘G.E.M.’ is an abbreviation for Greten Equation Movement, where the
F.E.D.- elements (Form, Expression, Dynamics) are the pillars of the GEM Method
It is a holistic approach for dance in all the dance forms and facets.

Form, Expression, Dynamics and their resulting Personality have a continuous
exchange between each other. By looking at these elements, and recognising the
repeating patterns, you can use these elements more consciously and efficiently.
Furthermore the GEM -terminology will enhance your awareness between body
and mind resulting in new perspectives to control body movements. Using this
method will give you the freedom to make your own choices in dance. It will not
only revolutionarily change your view on dancing, but also on all kind of aspects of
life. Through focusing on the FED elements, they will form the specific
combination that will turn into the signature of your moving patterns.

The GEM -method has been tried and tested by a group of international celebrities
in the dance world.
For the unexperienced dancer this method has proven to be a valuable theory of
movement skills. Even for people with physical limitations like Alzheimer,
Parkinson or Dementia it turned out to be a great asset. The possibilities with the
GEM -method are limitless and open for everyone.

Ton Greten is one of the most wanted choreographers in the world because of his
creative mind and open approach. His experience exceeds decennia as an
international professional dancer, adjudicator, teacher, choreographer and
founder of International Dance Sport, which has implemented the GEM -method.
He is a member of different initiatives (like the Dutch Dance Federation) and the
co-creator of the unique App He continuous to work with
dancers worldwide who use his method with great success.

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