Everything that moves has a particular Dynamic.
In dance, “Dynamics” is the most discussed topic between choreographers/dancers/trainers and coaches.
The 3 basic elements are
Singular and Composed
Geometric and Organic
Symmetric and Asymmetric

The Dynamic quality is the subject which receives the most attention in this book. The use of Dynamics can make a  composition look exciting…

THE “G.E.M.”

The G.E.M. is a holistic approach, one element works together with other elements. The GEM stands for Greten Equation Movement. It is based on the relationship of 3 variables that, when put together, give an overall impression of the performance. Personality is a combination of Form, Expression and Dynamics.
P = F + E + D

1. Form
2. Expression
3. Dynamic
4. Personality
o Instinct
o Awareness
o Choice
o Decision